Sara Couso Espinosa

Born in 1988 in Barcelona and living here. With 10 years of artistic formation, I started at 16 with a Graphic Design middle grade training cycle at La Llotja, later I studied at Fine Arts Faculty of UB (University of Barcelona), specializing at Design, and finally I did a Master of Graphic Design at Eina to improve and polish my knowledge and to acquire new abilities (web design, typography…).

The aim of my vocation is not only offering you my resources, but to empathize with your needs as a client in order to fully understand which tools will be the right ones to enable the correct transmission of your project’s message.

To me, design belongs to creativity, it should not be separated from art. Both illustrations and designs have their own visual language as a powerful expression tool to convey ideas. I believe in the fusion of design (functionality), art (expression) and symbolism (meaning/concept), all three connected become the the most effective combination to generate a universal message and reach a wider audience.

I have individual and team-work experience as well, plus a good learning ability that allows me to easily adapt to the current work context.

If you wish to dispose of my creative abilities, don’t think twice and contact me.

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