Sara Couso Espinosa

Born in 1988 in Barcelona and living here. I started at 16 years old with a Graphic Design middle grade training cycle at La Llotja, later I studied at Fine Arts Faculty of UB (University of Barcelona), specializing at Design, and finally I did a Master of Graphic Design at Eina to improve and polish my knowledge and to acquire new abilities (web design, programming…).

The quality of my vocation is understanding the needs of each project from his purpose, and getting the final product as an optimal result. With my creatives’s skills and my strong agreement, I get the project to fit perfectly with its visual ingredients to correctly convey the message.

It has been more than 5 years since I began my professional career as a designer in several fields, from an association for events to companies recently in entrepreneurship or with long experience. Thanks to that, it has given me knowledge about the type of labor market that exists, the competence that exists today and the importance of using technology as a tool of communication for companies. So, it has also led me to specialize in programming for web/app.

Enthusiastic and committed to carry out any type of project, also I have a good learning capacity that allows me to adapt easily to different work environments.